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[ PVC Riser Tees ]
Bullhead Riser Tee looks like a cross but the bottom has a cap attached. This creates a diffuser that allows the water to lose part of its turbulence and trap air before entering the pipe through the dam.

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[ Trash Rack ]
The 8" - 12" trash racks are constructed of polypropylene. A hub is centered to go over the top of the pipe and hold the trash rack in place. It should not be cemented to the pipe. The 15"x30" - 24" trash racks are made from aluminum.

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[ Bar Guard ]
Available in 6", 8", 10", 12" 15" and 18" sizes.

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[ Rat Guard ]
Available in 4", 6", 8" 10", 12", 15", 18" and 24" sizes.

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[ Anti Seep Collar ]
These are constructed of one eighth inch rigid PVC sheet with a 1-1/2" wide hub to fit over the pipe. Slide it over the pipe, use PVC cement around the pipe, and push the collar over the cement to make an excellent seal. Available in IPS or 3034 pipe.

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[ R.F. Slide Gate ]
PVC, polypropylene, and stainless steel components make sure this gate will never rust. A rope with float gives quick access to opening. No flange is required when connecting to PVC pipe. Requires head pressure inside pond to seal.

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[ U.D. Slide Gate ]
Same as R.F. gate, but has a rigid adapter to pull up or push down when needed. Add 1-1/4" PVC pipe above water level and it's ready. Requires head pressure inside pond to seal.

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[ D.S. Shear Gate ]
Heavy duty, corrosion resistant, epoxy coated with a flanged base. The wedge assembly supports the clevice to prevent the lift rod from distorting or opening the mating surfaces. Stainless steel bolts are used in assembly. An all threaded rod (not included) can be used for pull handle. Comes with a one hole flange to connect to PVC pipe. Requires head pressure inside pond to seal.

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[ Knife Gate ]
Inexpensive valve for industrial, agricultural and commercial markets. Ideal for quick shut-off in low pressure or vacuum lines. Also well suited as a drain valve for tanks.

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[ One Hole Flange ]
Used to connect PVC pipe to any flanged material.

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[ AC-31 Aluminum Canal Gate ]
Superbly engineered gate expressly suited for corrosion-resistant, rust-proof demands. This gate is of rugged, heavy duty construction, yet lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum gate eliminates electrolysis usually found in cast iron gate to aluminum pipe connections. Available in 12" to 72" sizes.

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[ PVC Flap Gate ]
Available in IPS or 3034 connections, and special designs are available.

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[ AFG-01 Aluminum Flap Gate ]
Spigotback, flatback or flangeback. Available in 12" to 84" sizes. Prevents electrolysis associated with cast iron gates to aluminum pipe.

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[ Beaver Deceiver ]
Designed to prevent the blocking of water into the piping system by confusing beavers as to the origin of the intake structure. Constructed of durable, rust free PVC and corrugated polyethylene pipe.

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[ Dry Hydrant & Water Delivery System ]
In working with local fire departments, Pond Dam Piping has perfected dry hydrant features that are highly efficient and practical. Local departments dropped to a Class 5 as a result of recent ISO tests. We obtained flows exceeding 700 gpm during the test using four tankers traveling 1.3 miles and flows of 850 gpm from shorter distances.

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[ Connect-A-Dock ]
Each dock section has an anti-skid surface and is made of rationally molded impact resistant polyethylene. Easy connections make for unlimited deck shape variations, such as straight, T- or L- shaped. Dock sections are 30" x 40" x 10". A complete line of parts and accessories are also available.

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[ Hartman Endwalls ]
Hartman Endwalls are the proven alternative to today's time consuming, back-breaking methods for handling common drainage problems and is the perfect solution for roadway and highway drainage needs. But you'll also discover that its maintenance-free, attractive appearance meets the needs of golf courses, parks, rails-to-trails, and residential construction.

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