Pond Dam Piping

Duck Pond Systems

PVC Flashboard Riser Box Structure

Available to fit 6” – 24” outlet pipes and up to 6 ft tall in standard size boxes

Made out of ½” PVC sheeting


Also for duck ponds that require larger outlet pipes we offer:

Aluminum Flashboard Risers

These can be hooked to many different types of pipes through the dam

Come with tongue and groove treated boards

Aluminum flashboard riser

flashboard riser
inlet box
Pond Dam Piping offers skimmers for sediment basins, a variety of pond liners, aerators & fountains, end wall sections from Hartman, outlet control structure devices for detention and retention ponds, flash board, flash board risers, valves, and everything for your pond, lake, water garden, koi pond, fish farm, dam, levee, dike, spillway and more.